Local Option empowers Montana communities by authorizing them to pay for economic development and infrastructure projects through a vote of their citizens.


Latest News

Local sales tax a possibility for Billings

January 26th, 2018|0 Comments

Source: KULR 8 January 26, 2018 Image: KULR8.com A local sales tax for Billings may be on the horizon within the next few years. Mayor Bill Cole supports the idea and says he'll push it [...]

Tourists must start paying their share

January 25th, 2018|0 Comments

Source: Bozeman Chronicle January 25, 2018 Editorial Board Things have been popping around here on the economic front. We know that. We can see it in the construction activity and help-wanted signs. But it was [...]

Local option tax bills supported

March 20th, 2017|0 Comments

Source: Billings Gazette Letter to the Editor March 20, 2017 Image Credit: Billings Gazette Jeff Walters I strongly encourage anyone interested in developing a viable and competitive economic future for our region to contact their [...]

What People Are Saying

“Settling for the ‘status quo’ or resisting change will ensure that the next generation, including my own children, look to relocate. They will seek out cities and towns where there are more opportunities, positive vibes, beautiful places to live and grow, and fun things to do. Local option would help us transform our communities.”

Emily Petroff, Owner Evolve with Emily, Evolve Real Estate Group

“We need to provide the quality-of-life amenities that recruit and retain talent. I want a city my son will be proud to call home, a place where he can stay and raise his family. Without local option to pay for amenities, Montana may continue to lose our talented people to other states.”

Jeff Ewelt, Executive Director ZooMontana

“We need local option to pay for our big, visionary ideas. Bold place-making initiatives like developing the Yellowstone River for recreation, entertainment, and restaurants would attract far more of the workforce my small business needs. We just need a way to pay for it, and local option can get us from good to great.”

Kris Carpenter, Owner Joy of Living, Sanctuary Spa

“Having lived in cities that passed the local option, I was able to see the positive economic impact. There is no reason citizens shouldn’t have the option to invest in their community through local option tax.”

Patrice Elliott, Chief Operating Officer EBMS, Inc.

“We would like to send a simple commitment of support for the ACT; authorize community transformation. We support your seeking authorization to ask voters to tax themselves for specific community projects.”

Dale and Kathy Galland, Prairie Unique, Terry, MT

“With ACT, each Montana town has the chance to DIRECTLY affect change and have a say in what their community needs – from street lights to public safety to state-of-the-art recreational facilities – it is up to us! Our terms, our vote – give US the power.”

Maisie Sulser, AIA, Architect-Owner, RESTÔR design + build

“I strongly encourage anyone interested in developing a viable and competitive economic future for our region to contact their area legislator and demand their support of House Bill 577 and Senate Bill 331. These critical bills authorize cities across Montana to propose local option infrastructure tax authority to their local voters.”

Jeff Walters, COO Vertex Consulting Group

“Who can better judge what your community needs – you, or state officials? The answer is obvious; you can.”

Bill Cole, Owner Cole Law Firm, PLLC